Our Committees


The projects committee is responsible for organizing most of our events. These events include parties and but also events like a charity run. In this committee you can contribute your creative ideas for the events of ESN Maastricht and get some first hand experience in event planning!

Responsible Board Member: Ata


The marketing committee is responsible for the external representation of ESN Maastricht on all our social media channels. In this committee you help the responsible board member to create advertisements for our events or to create new merchandise. This committee is the perfect opportunity to get some practical experience in the sphere of marketing!

Responsible Board Member: Casey


The partnership committee is responsible to maintain the external relations with our partners and aquire new partnerships. These partners include our ESNcard partners, but also potential sponsors. In this committee you can gather negotiating experience and help to make our ESNcard as attractive as possible!

 Responsible Board Member: Felix


The treasury committee helps the treasurer to manage the finances of ESN Maastricht. Any expenses or income goes through this committee. It is a great opportunity to get your first experiences with accounting and finance managing!

Responsible Board Member: Julian


The actives committee organizes events that are exclusively for our active members like an actives weekend or the popular actives roomathons. Actives committee is the ideal committee to experience the family feeling of ESN Maastricht!

Responsible Board Member: Alessandra


The building committee is responsible for designing and maintaining our ESN Maastricht building at Brouwersweg 100. Here you help to design our movie theathre, our chill out area or our bar. It is a great opportunity to live out your creativity and gain experience in internal design.

Responsible Board Member: Felix


The culture committee organizes our cultural trips to different countries or cities. As a member of this committee you help the responsible board member to plan and execute trips to Belgium, Germany, Holland and other places. If you want to organize a trip to your home country or want to join different trips as a guide this is the committee where you can make it happen!

Responsible Board Member: Julian


The journalism committee writes our newsletter and creates blog posts for our website. You can choose the topics that interest you the most and start your writing! This committee is the perfect choice for you if you enjoy writing and have creative ideas to publish!

Responsible Board Member: Anja

Social Inclusion

The social inclusion committee is one of the ways through which ESN wants to give back to society, since one of our goals is to enrich society through international students. In this committee you help to organize events such as a charity gala or different activities for mental health. You can bring in your own ideas of possible initiatives or events that ESN Maastricht should engage in. If you want to give something back to the community of Maastricht this is the right committee for you!

Responsible Board Member: Kayla