The 34th Board of ESN Maastricht

We are proud to present you the 34th Board of ESN Maastricht! We work on creating

“Your Home Away From Home” right here in the lovely city of Maastricht.

Irene Garlin – President

“The best part about being a Board Member for ESN Maastricht is definetly all the people I get to meet. As President, I don’t just get to meet the exchange students, but also our partners and other ESN sections. Once this year is done, I won’t just have great memories, but great connections too”

Aleksandra Jabłkowska – Vice President

“As Vice-President and Secretary, you have a constant overview of everything that’s going on within the association. I love being the main contact person for both exchangers and active members. The main feature one needs for my position, and that I personally value greatly, is being eager to help and jump in if somebody needs assistance. I love having a flexible position in terms of tasks!”

Caaliya Maalim – Treasurer

“Meeting people is 100% my favourite part of the position. Since joining the Board, my social network has exponentially grown. While my main tasks are not people oriented, I still interact with exchangers, active members, and partners, and I cannot put into words how much I have learned in the past few months. ESN is truly an organisation with open-minded people and I cannot imagine my student life without it!”

Narmin Grubanli – Activity Manager

“I really like the opportunity to bring a wide range of people together with creative and enjoyable events. The varied nature of our events means you are always working on something different, and it’s so rewarding to see your hard work materialise into something that everyone enjoys”

Maini Rodenberg – Public Relations Manager

“My favorite part about being the PR manager is seeing how much ESN Maastricht has grown in the last few semesters! I love the creative process of both online and offline promotion..”

Mikołaj Borowiecki – Partnership Manager

“Getting to see all of our new partners on the ESNcard website. Since one of my tasks is to edit the website and update it with all of our current deals, it feels very rewarding to see everyone’s hard work being payed off! As Partnership Manager you also have the ability to chose the way the website looks which means that you can personalise it to really represent them in the best way.”

Creating Your Home Away From Home