Improve your Dutch on the go!

ESN the Netherlands is extremely happy to announce its newest partner: InDutch. InDutch provides a new dimension to learning Dutch, by taking its students directly to daily life situations, such as supermarkets and bars. The study program is interactive, the content of the sessions depends on the needs of the students. Have you met a cute Dutch guy or girl and would you like to have a chat? Prepare it during the tutoring sessions. Are you having difficulties ordering your food in a bar? This can also be included in your sessions. The tutors generally are young people who have lived or studied abroad as well, and therefore they know exactly how to help you learn Dutch in the best possible way.

Learn in series of 5 times 1,5 hour sessions about Dutch pronunciation, ordering drinks, have a chat, shopping, directions, buy your second hand bike, making an appointment, meet your locals, hot spots in town and anything else you want to know. There is a special discount for ESN/ISN students! All the classes start in a local café where you make a study plan together with your tutor, based on your personal goals and objectives.

For more information we would like to direct you to InDutch’ website HERE.