Arrival Week 2019 will be happening from January 28th until February 3rd and is a full week of varied events - from dinners, through cultural events to parties! Get the full Arrival Week experience by purchasing your packages!!!
Culture Package: Welcome Party + Dutchie Evening + Buffet Dinner + Movie Night ---> €12
Party Package:
Option 1: Pubcrawl + International Thursday + Kick-off Party + ESNcard ---> €33.50
Option 2: Pubcrawl + International Thursday + Kick-off Party + ESNcard + Cantus I ---> €50
Why is it worth it to buy a package?
The Party Package includes the ESNcard in the special price - it is an essential pass to multiple local deals, free access to ISN events and Ryanair discount!
We are also offering an exceptional offer - an extended package including a Cantus ticket. This means you don't have to stand in line to try to get it when the ticket sale happens!
What is a Cantus? Our own famous event you definitely cannot miss which will be happening on 8th of February!
You can buy both packages and enjoy all of the events - we made sure none of them are happening at the same time.
Buy them in our ticket shop: