Active Member Application

Active Member Applications for Semester 2 are finally open! You can apply here and become part of the ESN family. There are positions available in all our committees and we're sure you'll find a committee that fits your passion.

The Board of ESN Maastricht relies on Active Members to make our activities become a success. The Active Members assist us in setting up our activities, our Discover Weekends, Cantus' and the Introduction Weeks. On top of this, we meet at our Turn-Up Tuesdays and International Thursdays to party together with the exchange students. You will be part of a Committee and help us organise every aspect of ESN. Active Members are at the core of ESN Maastricht!

What do you get back for this?

Being in ESN offers a great possibility to meet exchange students from all over the world, learn about their culture and teach them something about yours. Working in a committee also guarantees you to gain new skills which will be highly valued in your future endeavours. Depending on your committee, you will have the chance to follow your passion and have a positive impact on ESN Maastricht. All new Actives are also warmly welcomed into our ESN family. We have several Actives activities per semester which are meant for integration between the actives, and they are a lot of fun! You will learn more about ESN and how to join during our info drink!

What Committees can you join?

  • Actives Committee: Organise events for only ESN Active Members and help create a family feeling between all of us
  • Culture Committee: Organise cultural events anmd trips while using your organisational skills and creativity in finding interesting locations
  • Social Inclusion Committee: Use your imagination and ideas to otrganise events and engage in different social causes close to your heart
  • Projects Committee: Organise big events and parties for exchangers and every student to make sure they have the best time in Maastricht
  • Marketing Committee: Use your creativity and ideas to help run all our social media accounts and promote ESN online and offline
  • Partnership Committee: Use your social skills to get deals for our ESNcard and find the best sponsors and local partners in Maastricht
  • Treasurer Committee: Use your financial knowledge to help run ESN Maastricht with its finances

If you want more information on what it means to be an Active Member in ESN or what exactly the different committees entail, click here. We will also host Online Info Drinks, so keep an eye on our social media channels!