Do you want to hang out with International and Exchange students and organise awesome events for them? Would you like to feel like a part of a family-like community which works together on on the same goal? Then ESN Maastricht is the place to be! Every Semester Start, we organise Info Drinks for everyone that is interested in helping students feel welcome in beautiful Maastricht.

Active Member

The board of ESN Maastricht relies on Active Members to make our activities become a success. The Active Members assist us in setting up our activities, our Discover Weekends, Cantus' and the Introduction Weeks. On top of this, we meet at our Turn-Up Tuesdays and International Thursdays  to party together with the exchange students. 

 The Active Members are part of a Committee and help us organise every aspect of ESN. This ranges from event planning, marketing and partnerships to Social Inclusion and Financial Matters! The Partnership Committee, for example, helps us to find new ESNcard deals and new sponsors for ESN.

Active members are the core of ESN Maastricht!

What is ESN?
ESN Maastricht is part of the Erasmus Student Network which is the biggest student association in Europe with more than 530 sections in more than 40 countries. ESN works every day on improving student mobility in Europe and making sure that students make the most out of their stay abroad. ESN organises a lot of events for international and exchange students: from parties to social events and trips, there is something for everyone!

What does it mean to be an Active Member? 
Active Members are valued members of ESN and highly involved in providing international students with great experiences during their studies in Maastricht. The application to become an Active Member also entails the participation in one of our committees. here, you work together on making ESN what it is: A place for everyone making everyone feel at ease in Maastricht. You can find the committee descriptions also here on our website.

What do you get back for this? 
Being in ESN offers a great possibility to meet exchange students from all over the world, learn about their culture and teach them something about yours. Working in a committee also guarantees you to gain new skills which will be highly valued in your future endeavours. Depending on your committee, you will have the chance to follow your passion and have a positive impact on ESN Maastricht. All new Actives are also warmly welcomed into our ESN family. We have several Actives activities per semester which are meant for integration between the actives, and they are a lot of fun! You will learn more about ESN and how to join during our info drink!

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