Finding a room in Maastricht can be difficult, but ESN Maastricht will try their best to help you out as much as possible. Follow these tips to make your experience finding a room as easy as possible:

  1. Start looking for a room early!
  2. Use services like Maastricht Housing or Facebook groups.
  3. Watch out for scams!
  4. Check the location of the room on Google Maps.

We personally recommend using Maastricht Housing! is the official mediator for students, staff and guests from Maastricht University, Hogeschool Zuyd and Jan van Eyck Academie. They offer furnished and unfurnished housing in all price ranges. Their service is often the safest and most reliable way of finding a new home in Maastricht. For a one-time fee of 35 euro, you will get access to their data-base that includes 900 furnished units in the Maastricht University Guesthouse as well as 7000 units offered by housing corporations and private providers. Sign-up for Maastricht housing as soon as you can, as it gives you an advantage with looking for a room!

Does that not work for you? Then ESN Maastricht recommends using Facebook Groups. The biggest groups for rooms in Maastricht are 'Rooms/Kammer/Zimmer in Maastricht', 'MSR Maastricht Student Room group - Search/Offer - ONLY STUDENTS', and 'M&G Housing'. When using Facebook groups, be aware of SCAMMERS. When finding a room via Facebook, be prepared to be quick, as it is a real free-for-all!

If you prefer studios, and the other channels didn't work for you, you can also check out Xior Housing, The Student Hotel, Wauwhaus, and Think Tank Maastricht.

Also, it is possible to live across the border in Belgium, as places like Lanaken for example are still very close to Maastricht!