What is the ESNcard?

The ESNcard is a discount and membership card to the Erasmus Student Network. 

For just €18.50 you can access amazing discounts in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and all around Europe! We work hard to constantly update our offerings, looking for new deals around Maastricht, and talking to existing partners so we can improve your Erasmus Experience in Maastricht!

The ESNcard doesn’t just have local, national, and international deals, but also gives you free or discounted access to our events and trips! With the ESNcard you get access to our library service, study spaces, and free entrance to our International Thursdays.

How do I get the ESNcard?

Looking forward to using all our amazing deals like 10% off RyanAir? Buy your ESNcard in our office at Brouwersweg 100 for just 18.50€! We’re open on weekdays from 14:00 to 17:00, except during holiday and exam season. We’ll be happy to help you register your ESNcard, navigate, and apply for the national and international discounts.