The ESNcard is our membership card. It gives you free or discounted access to all our events and trips! It is valid throughout Europe in all cities who have adopted it. It is valid for a year so whenever you remain in Europe and are planning to travel, be sure to check out the local ESN sections. Every section who has an ESNcard has several discounts arranged in their city. These discounts range from museums to restaurants and from movie theaters to bars. In case you want more detailed information about the deals in other cities and countries, click here.

The ESNcard is one of those things that every student in Maastricht should carry around! Why you ask? The ESNcard gives you discounts on all kinds of places that we as students chose, so tailor made deals are ready for you to enjoy Europe from a student perspective. In addition, it gives you free access to our Turn-Up Tuesdays, discounts to a lot of our other events and Trips!

Which deals can I get with my ESNcard?

The ESNcard has some deals for you! You can find the list of local partners and deals here!
You want to broaden your horizon beyond Maastricht? All the international deals are also on!

How much does it cost?

The price of an ESNcard is 18,50€. This means that by only using it once on a Ryan Air flight and joining our events, it is already worth it!

Where can I buy one?

You can pick up your very own ESNcard at our office at Brouwersweg 100.