Life is expensive. All students want to make the most out of their student life while they can. You want to experience new things and have a fun time as often as possible. Most of the time there are two factors that limit you from having a fun time or doing all the things you want to do while in Maastricht: time and money. We can't make the days longer, and no one is going to give you a bag of money.

What we can do is trying to make things as cheap as possible by negotiating deals with local businesses. We currently have about 35 local discounts including nice discounts at McDonalds, at different pubs and restaurants, at sandwich shops, gyms and at other convenient places.

Want to make us of these discounts right away? Get your very own ESNcard. More information about the ESNcard and all discounts can be found in the ESNcard section. Check out all our partners at the partner section