Tobias Klein


Hi! I am Toby and going to be the treasurer of ISN Maastricht for the next year and will do my best to make your exchange as easy and amazing as possible. I live in the beautiful city of Maastricht where I studied international business throughout the last three years. Originally, I am from the south of Germany, however, for the last three years I live in this town and couldn’t have wished for any better place for my studies. I’m interested in all kinds of sports, music and hanging out with friends a lot. If you’re lucky you may have the pleasure to listen to my DJ skills at one of our events ;). Another interest of mine is traveling around the globe and get to meet different cultures and people. After Highschool, I spent one year in Australia, visited New Zealand and the US. I went to Singapore for my exchange and traveled all over Asia. The next points on my bucket list are to explore the nature of Africa and visit South America may by doing a master’s program there and of course get to know my own continent Europe a lot better.

Function Description

Why did I choose to become a board member of ISN Maastricht? I love to meet people, party with them and create the best experiences for them. As the Treasurer of ISN Maastricht, I am responsible for everything related to money. Budgets for activities, paying bills and send invoices out. This, of course, is not all, as part of being board member includes a lot more fun stuff as well. This includes our monthly cantus, going out once in a while and planning events and activities. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone!