Pepijn Poels


My name is Pepijn Poels and I am the President of the board of ISN Maastricht 2017/2018. I am born and raised in Eindhoven but moved to Maastricht when I was 18 years old to study International Business. After my Bachelor I completed a Masters in Supply Chain Management at SBE. I joined ISN as an active member about 1,5 ago after I came back from my own exchange. I studied my semester abroad in Milano, Italy, and had the best time of my life meeting people all over the world thanks to the local ESN section. This experience convinced me to join the ESN section in Maastricht, so I could help to make sure students from all over the world enjoy their stay in Maastricht.
Besides ISN I have a few other hobbies that keep me from going insane. I absolutely love sports, and I am always up for a game of football or volleyball. I am a very competetive FIFA player and if you challenge me for a game of FIFA at our office I would be happy to accept. Music is also one of my passions. Even though I was sadly not gifted in this field, you can often find me in a club or festival until sunrise, just to enjoy the music. Lastly, if my business carreer does not work, my obvious back-up plan is to start out as an upcoming DJ.

Function Description

As the president of ISN Maastricht, you are mainly responsible for leading the board and being the face of ISN. This involves leading meetings, providing help to other board members when necessary and representing ISN Maastricht on a national level.

In addition, you keep an overview over ISN Maastricht in general. You lead the development of the policy plan and identify which parts of ISN need to be focused on and work on it with help from your fellow board members. Furthermore, you will meet regularly with staff from the Maastricht University and will attend national and international ESN meetings on behalf of ISN Maastricht.

If you would like to find out more about being the ISN Maastricht, then don’t hesitate to send an email to, I will be happy to meet up to answer any questions you might have!