Nic Engel

Vice President

Hometown: Bissen, Luxembourg

Studies: MSc Sustainability Science, Policy and Society

Fun fact: So far I already visited 36 countries. While I loved every single country I visited, the best experience I had was definetely 2 weeks of horseback riding in Mongolia!

Favorite board moment: Standing on stage and see the success of our Cantus.

Something you have learnt: I learned a lot about general administrative work which will be very useful in my future career path. Staying organised and help your Board members be organised by taking care of the Calendar and Drive. Being able to help out with many different tasks that are not directly linked to only the secretary position.

Something you wish you knew before becoming board member: How much of a good learning experience the whole Board year is. Being more forward pushing and confident to make sure everyone is on top of their tasks by constantly reminding people.

Skills you find fundamental to have:
- Social and communication skills
- Organisational and administrative Skills
- Time management and consistency
- Confidence in your own work
- Event planning

Why would you recommend it: Even though I listed a lot of skills that are important to have, it is important to note that I did not start my Board year with all of these skills. Taking over the ESN Board is an amazing experience, which provides you with a lot of fun but also personal growth, helping you immensely with your future career path. You will also meet so many amazing people from all over the world. I will never regret taking the step to join the Board.