Naman Jain


Hometown: Cologne, Germany

Studies: Economics and Business Economics, specializing in International Business Economics, majoring in Marketing

Fun fact: "Good Question" I am still putting this on the Website lol.

Favorite board moment:
- Bully battle with Milica
- The Office Video Shooting
- My Tuesday office shifts

Something you have learnt: Working wise that it seems to be a lot of tasks one has to accomplish on a regular basis, yet it helps in optimizing yourselfs time management. You mature real quick being part of the Board. What I have also learned over the period was the flexibility you have to bring alongside with you.

Something you wish you knew before becoming board member: That Milica was in the Board, would have changed my decision instantly. No, but on a serious note... All the tasks you are confronted with. You do have a transition, yet that cannot cover everything. I guess it is also a nice way to learn how to deal with new and instant challenges, but sometimes it gets hard to tackle them. Fortunately, you are part of a Board, so other members always help out.

Skills you find fundamental to have:
- People skills
- Team work spirit
- Willingness to invest time and effort
- Being open minded
- Ability to accept criticism and also work on it
- (Position specific) Working with numbers
- Understanding of accounting tools and bookkeeping

Why would you recommend it: An experience you will not regret. Never ever thought that I can get emotionally attached with so many people in such quick time... ESN is a family and everyone is welcomed in it. You definitely do not want to miss out on the opportunity as you grow your network and people appreciate your presence. Only recommendable! (also for non-drinkers)