Marie Vesayt

Partnership Manager

Partnership Manager: Marie

Hometown: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Studies: international law

Fun fact: I once learned a 500 page law book by heart for my first exam.

Favorite board moment: The board photoshoot was such a fun experience and I felt like I bonded a lot with my fellow boardies. 

Something you have learnt: I have learned better how to collaborate with a group. Sometimes there are challenges but it’s important that everyone feels listened to and understood. 

Something you wish you knew before becoming board member: I wish I knew that the covid situation would last the whole board year. At the start I was very hopeful about the second semester, but I am still happy that we are at least able to organize some online events. 

Skills you find fundamental to have: For partnership communication skills are the most important. In addition to that, organization skills are essential because you have to set up contracts and send out a lot of emails. 

Why would you recommend it: I would recommend partnership because it’s really nice to communicate with different partners. You get to know many local business owners and help them in case they need promotion. On the other hand it also feels like you’re helping the international students with new deals.