Lynouk Wegman


Secretary: Lynouk Wegman

Hometown: Borger, the Netherlands

Studies: Chinese Language and Intercultural Communication

Fun fact: I am terrified of birds! When I was little, I was attacked by my grandparents’ chickens, so creepy! 😩

Favorite board moment: the board dinner at Gadea’s house when she cooked an amazing meal for us ☺️

Something you have learnt: I learnt how to solve complex situations. During a board year, there will be times when you are in a situation you have no idea how to deal with. It made me become a lot more creative and taught me how to stay calm and think rationally during those situations.

Something you wish you knew before becoming board member: I would have liked to know how awkward it is to do a board photoshoot haha. I definitely wasn’t prepared for it and I needed some time to feel comfortable being in front of the camera. It was funny to do it together with all the girls but I would not recommend to have a photoshoot with girls only 😉

Skills you find fundamental to have: There are a lot of skills that are important such as being good at communication. But the thing that was most important for me to have would be to stay organised and to plan well. If you are organised, you also help the board with this!

Why would you recommend it: A board year helps you to develop yourself. You learn so much about yourself as a person but also learn to work together in a team. It is an amazing feeling when you achieve something together with your board members. I would recommend it to everybody!