Josefine Sundberg

Activity Manager

Activity Manager: Josefine

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Studies: BA European Studies 

Fun fact: I don’t breath when i eat, therefor I get hiccups every meal. 

Favorite board moment: INKOM stand 2020. In this the boardies came together and introduced ESN to newcomers. Seeing the passion of the boardies, swell as meeting so many new people was amazing.

Something you have learnt: Clear constructive communication. Within board positions it is important to come off as clear as possible in your work as to avoid any misunderstandings. Even if misunderstandings arise it is better to deal with the issue instantly to clarify.

Something you wish you knew before becoming board member: The “Behind the Scenes” of ESN. ESN is a large network of organisations with internal structures designed to help you within the position, and following your work at esn through functions such has internships, networking opportunities, and an overview of the activities in other sections worldwide.

Skills you find fundamental to have: Organisational skills. In the role of activity manager it is imperative to have organisational skills, planning an activity online and offline requires many meetings and working documents which are later to be presented.

Why would you recommend it: I would recommend applying to the board as it is an amazing experience which assists in your future career. Additionally ESN and its large growing network is a good cause organization which is rewarding in itself.