Claudie Moreau

Marketing Manager

My name is Claudie Moreau, I am the Marketing Manager for the year 2017/2018!
I have been in ISN for 2 years now and am very excited to start this new adventure that is board year.
I am French, I grew up in a small town near Lyon, but I never left until I was 16 and went on a Rotary Exchange in Taiwan for a year. This experience really made me want to travel and discover new things, new cultures and meet new people. That is how, a bit randomly, I arrived in the Netherlands, in Maastricht for my studies.

Function description

I am the Marketing Manager for this year, I will be taking care of all the online and offline promotion of ISN and our events. With the help of my committee, I will make sure that you all have entertaining posts on your Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds! I will also be responsible for the events' pictures and designing nice flyers and posters for bigger events.
If you have any question or feedback regarding ISN marketing feel free to email me: