As an international student, it is really helpful to have a Dutch bank account. Many places in the netherlands do not accept Visa or Mastercards, which can cause difficulties if you only have a foreign bank account. Furthermore, students in the Netherlands often send tikkies, which is a quick and easy way to settle bills with your friends. Sadly, these tikkies only work with Dutch bank accounts. This is why ESN Maastricht partners up with ABN Amro to offer you free student accounts that are very easy to set up! You can just scan the qr-code on this page to open your bank account 🙂

If you decide to open a student bank account at ABN Amro, you will get:

– A free bank account with debit card, internet-mobile banking

– Contract in English

– Overview of your income and expenses

– Open in 5 minutes via your mobile with a valid passport

– Possibility to get a student insurance (combination of Personal Liability and Home Contents)