'If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.'

Hello there!

My name is Kristiana and for the next academic year I will be overseeing the Dutch branch of the ESN network in my role as President of ESN The Netherlands for 2019/2020.

Originally I am from Bulgaria, I am 27 and a little over a year ago I graduated from Masters “International relations in Historical Perspective” at Utrecht University. Starting from October 2019 I will begin my newest adventure in the field of International Relations and namely in Brussels as a Bluebook trainee in the European Commission. I will be working in the field of Education and Culture, overseeing projects such as Erasmus+ and other relevant topics for ESN!

Why I chose to work in a part-time intercultural team of volunteers in the ESN community? This is connected with two of my biggest passions. The first one is intercultural communication. I like it because enables me to see the human being behind the cultural context and to attempt to understand their values and what drives them. Secondly, I am very passionate about personal development. The training branch of ESN in the field of non-formal education - eduk8 - has been an important milestone for me in that direction. Within 1 year I attended 2 training for facilitator/trainer and I am eager to share with the world everything I learned within the program! 

The combination of the two topics allows me to empower myself and the people I work with to develop themselves personally and professionally, which is an important part of my work as a President. Next to my “normal tasks” such as setting deadlines and keeping an overview of the work of the rest of the board members, I will be focused on creating a team and community of volunteers, which understands the values that ESN stands for and using that creates meaningful change in the international students that are in the Netherlands, but also in Dutch society. 

If you have any questions about my work or anything related to it, do not hesitate to contact me!

Enjoy your time in the Netherlands!