Ivona Galic


After the first part of the hidden places in the small country, it is time for part II! Yes, the country is small, we know, but there are more places that are worth a visit. So, here is a collection of some other amazing hidden places that are worth a visit:
1. Pampus
We all know Alcatraz, but did you know that the Netherlands also has its own human made island, which is called Pampus. In 1880, the fort was created to be a defense against the possible sea attacks on the popular sea routes of the IJ-lake. It protected the entice to the IJ-Bay and the harbor of Amsterdam. It was part of the defence line of Amsterdam, and in 1996, UNESCO designated the defence line and its 42 forts as World Hertige. Currently, it is open for visitation or you can rent it for an event. Pampus can be visited from April to October and you have to take a ferry from Muiden or Amsterdam to reach the fort!

2. Paleis het Loo
Between 1684 and 1686, Paleis het Loo was build in Apeldoorn for Willem the Third and his wife Mary the Second of England. What makes the palace special, is that the interior is designed by Daniel Marot. He was a French architect, designer and engraver. You can see the French influence on the interior of the palace, as he adapted the French style on the Dutch interior, using unique and luxurious baroque expressions. Currently, the palace is a museum in which the visitor can enjoy the collection of historic objects, stables with carriages and oldtimers, but also the beautiful gardens that have the Dutch classicism style

3. Giethoorn
Ah, the Venice of the cold North. Giethoorn was established as a settlement of peat harvesters. Due their harvesting, small little islands were created and the people decided to build houses on them. To connect the small islands with each other, over 170 small wooden bridges are made. Currently, the city still does not have any car roads and the only way of transporting is either to walk, cycle or boat! In this city, you can take your boat or kano to go to get your groceries or get coffee at your neighbors!

4. Keukenhof
Okay, not really a hidden place, but definitely worth a visit! Mostly, during March and May, Keukenhof opens its doors for you to visit the biggest flower garden of the world. In Keukenhof, you will find tulips and other flowers in all kinds of colors and heights. Every year, another theme is covered. Additionaly, there are many festivities around Keukenhof, like the flower parade or you can take a boat tour amongst the large tulip fields. Keukenhof is one of the highlights in the Netherlands and it is definitely worth a visit! Oh, and almost all our sections organize a trip to Keukenhof, so keep on eye on their calendars!

Picture Paleis het Loo taken by David Stanley